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September 8, 2022
Grade 7
Location: Sioux Falls, SD or Brookings, SD / Twin Cities, MN
Overall Functions
This person reviews larger and more complex loans in accordance with the bank's Loan Policy and Guidelines. This person must also make recommendations to ensure that lending practices conform to the policy. This person is also responsible to train and oversee activities within the department.
This person should have a bachelor's degree and a minimum of five years of experience in the bank lending and credit area or the equivalent. This person must also have good credit judgment and show attention to detail, complete documentation, and adherence to Loan Policy and Guidelines.
  1. Analyze and risk rate credit lines requiring Loan Committee review. Identify problem loans and advise Loan Officers and bank management. The analysis must be consistent with the findings of the appropriate regulatory agencies.
  2. At the direction of the VP of Credit Administration, train staff and oversee activities of the Credit Review Department to ensure that all activities of the department are carried out efficiently and effectively.
  3. Schedule, guide, and oversee credit review activities for branches and all affiliate organizations. Specific activities include file scrubs, risk ratings, and troubled credit identification.
  4. Review loan files as advances are made to ensure they qualify within the structure, documentation, and credit quality standards of the bank's Loan Policy and Guidelines.
  5. Present all files not meeting standards of the bank's Loan Policy and Guidelines to the VP of Credit Administration, with a detailed explanation of the credit exceptions and the recommended action necessary to correct the deficiencies and improve the bank's position.
  6. In the event of minor technical documentation discrepancies or identified potential credit weakness, communicate directly with the Loan Officer, requesting correction of the discrepancies and recommending alternatives for improving the credit line. Perform follow-up action as necessary until corrected.
  7. Attend the bank's Loan Committee meetings where credit lines are presented to the Loan Committee for final approval, recommended action, and classification.
  8. Participate in the ongoing development of the bank's loan spreadsheet and risk-rating systems and the overall credit review function.
  9. Advise and assist management in maintaining and updating the bank's Loan Policy and Guidelines according to established procedures.
  10. At the direction of management, assist with the detailed preparation of certain reports such as the criticized asset report, past-due reports, etc.
  11. Monitor large credit lines to ensure compliance with prescribed legal lending limits.
  12. Determine credit worthiness of all bank ACH customers annually. This process includes approving all ACH credit requests and determination of risk caps and credit restrictions.
  13. Act in accordance with FFC policies and procedures as set forth in the employee handbook.
  14. Adhere to compliance procedures and participate in required compliance training.

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