Summertime Zika Virus Scam

Stories about the Zika virus continue to appear in the news. As of today, there is no confirmed cure or method to stop the spread of the virus. Unethical businesses though may try to capitalize on the fear and lack of information surrounding the virus. 

Any landscaping, lawn care, or pesticide company that claims to possess a repellant or solution to stop the threat of the Zika virus on your property is being dishonest. They are trying to use a scare tactic to lure you into purchasing their services.

Right now, the best thing you can do to avoid Zika is take some simple steps to avoid being bitten by mosquitos. The CDC has a guide for mosquito bite prevention that may be helpful.

You are encouraged to tell your friends and neighbors about the Zika virus scam. Remember that anyone who promises full protection is trying to take advantage of you.