Who We Are

Our Investment is Personal

The same thing that makes First Bank & Trust a great place to work is also what makes it a great place to bank. Happy employees are passionate about earning more than a paycheck - we want to earn happy customers too. We do that by offering smart advice and great products, and by building solid relationships.

So who are we? We are decision-makers, because we’re empowered to be. We're risk takers, because our company was built around an entrepreneurial spirit. We are experts, because we get the training and education we need to grow. And we are owners, because our company is employee- and family-owned.

Our culture extends beyond the business hours. Our company supports and promotes a healthy work/life balance, allowing us to be involved in our family life and in our communities. And we try to stay focused on health and fitness because our wellness program at work is always challenging us to take care of ourselves.

Our Mission

“To grow a diversified independent financial corporation that excels in delivering community banking services and providing niche products nationwide.”