Cash Management (OLD)

Get Everything You Can Out of Every Dollar

Cash Management is an enhancement of our Business Online Banking service. It includes added security features and allows you to have multiple users.  This service can help reduce payroll costs, conveniently collect payments, and save on paperwork. It’s everything you’ll need to manage your cash flow while keeping your funds working hard.


  • Administration Menu1
    • Multiple-user capability with access rights for individual users and separate duties for control purposes
  • ACH Origination1
    • Direct deposit for payroll, or collect donations, membership dues, rent or any other payable or receivable
    • Originate transactions to any bank in the United States
  • Wire Transfers1
    • Initiate foreign and domestic wire transfers and reduce wire fees by initiating through Cash Management
  • Positive Pay
    • Manage your issued checks by systematically matching checks presented for payment against the list of checks issued and then returning any unauthorized checks presented for payment
  • ACH Block
    • Protect accounts from unauthorized or fraudulent ACH entries by returning entries before they post to your account
  • ACH Filter
    • Gives you the flexibility to authorize single, multiple or recurring ACH debits and credits
    • Choose from multiple filtering criteria, including amount of any ACH transaction, the name of the originating company or company ID number

1Fees may be associated with this feature.