Cash Management FAQ
  • Will my current Online Banking ID and password be the same when accessing the new Digital Banking platform?

      Yes, your current Online Banking ID and password will work. (If you prefer logging in by using your fingerprint or facial recognition, you will select that function after you log in for the first time.)

  • I wasn’t prompted to enter a token code. Do I still need my token?

      You’ll be prompted for a token code when you select “Cash Manager."

  • Why do I need an authentication code?

      Two-factor authentication adds another layer of protection to your accounts. The first time you log in you’ll be asked to secure your account with an email address and cell phone number. A unique code will then be generated and sent to you via text, and you’ll use that code to gain access to your accounts. First Bank & Trust will remember what device you use, so if you check the “don’t ask for codes again on this computer” box during login, and always use the same device, you’ll only need to enter the code once. If you log in using a different device you’ll be sent a new code to verify that you are who you say you are.

  • How do I get my authentication code?

      During the login procedure, your code will be sent by text to the phone number you specified. If your phone doesn’t accept texts, you can choose a different option (such as a voice phone call). (Note: Authentication codes cannot be received via email.)

  • What internet browser should I use?

      To have the best experience, use the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. (Internet Explorer is not recommended, as it no longer supports the minimum security measures required to keep your data safe.)

  • How do I access my statements?

      Click any account name and select “Documents.” Next, choose the account statement you want to view. Up to 18 months of statements will be available.

  • How much account transaction history will be available?

      Initially, you’ll have access to up to 120 days of transaction history for all account types. Your history will build as more transactions accrue.

  • Where do I submit an ACH or Wire?

      By going to “Cash Manager” via the “Business” tab, you can submit an ACH or Wire the same way you do today. You can also submit an ACH or Wire under the “Business” option. Simply select “Approve ACH” or “Approve Wire."

  • How do I add additional users?

      Select “Cash Manager” via the “Business” tab. This will bring you to the additional Cash Manager products that you’re used to today.

  • Where can I see my log in Cash Management alerts?

      Click “Cash Manager” via the “Business” tab.

  • I don’t see the Remote Deposit function. Where do I find that?

      Remote Deposit is under “Cash Manager” via the “Business” tab.

  • How will I access and pay my First Bank & Trust VISA credit card bill?

      You will be able to see transactions and pay all or part of your balance just like before.

  • Will secure messaging be available?

      Yes. You can easily initiate secure messages and send from several places within the Digital Banking platform. To review past messages, simply click on “messages” from the dashboard or menu.