Person-to-Person Payments are Here

It is now easier than ever to pay another person directly. Online Bill Pay from First Bank & Trust offers Person-to-Person payments, allowing you to pay an individual either electronically or by check.

The first time you pay a particular individual, you’ll need to set him or her up as a payee in your Online Bill Pay. To do that, all you need is their email address. You’ll create their payee profile, and send that person a keyword that they will use to complete the setup. Once a person is established as a payee, future payments are fast and easy!

No more worrying about having cash on hand to pay the babysitter, or sending checks to your son at college. You can simply set him or her up as a payee in your Online Bill Pay, and send them money electronically whenever you need to!

Learn more about Online Bill Pay and Person-to-Person payments, then enroll today!