How You Qualify

It's So Easy To Earn Tunes!

Seriously, you get tunes for pretty much doing what you already do – use your debit card to grab a latte, a pizza, fill the tank… you get the idea.

To Qualify

  • Make 10 purchases with your First Bank & Trust Visa® Debit card each qualification schedule. ATM transactions not included. Purchases must be posted, not pending.
  • Enroll in Online Statements – Get your statement electronically. Save a tree by downloading it to your computer and crack it open anytime you’d like.

Your Rewards Each Cycle (for doing the two things above)

The best part is that we don’t make you accumulate points for months or years to get your perks. You get 5 bucks in iTunes® plus ATM fee refunds each and every cycle you qualify. It’s like instant gratification and pure happiness all rolled into one!

And get this… You’ll get your rewards your first cycle whether you qualify or not! You can’t pass this up!