Rockin’ Benefits

It's All About the Tunes, Right?

  1. $25 iTunes® Sign-Up Bonus!1 – Sign up now and get $25 in iTunes downloads on top of the downloads you’ll earn every cycle you qualify. Rock on!
  2. Earn $5 in iTunes Downloads – every cycle you qualify! Watch your library grow! It’s easier than you think! (Expires 30 days from receipt4.)
  3. Kiss ATM fees goodbye – every cycle you qualify! You spoke, we listened. If you get charged a fee for using an ATM, we’ll reimburse you automatically by crediting your account the total amount of the fee! That means you can use any ATM you'd like - just be sure to qualify that cycle. No need to save receipts, and no limits! Whoo-hoo!

OK, you know you’ll get rockin’ iTunes downloads to make your day a little more awesome. But on top of that, you score a pretty sweet checking account with all the bells and whistles:

1The bonus and rewards described are current as of 8/17/2010. Sign-up Bonus is granted when you open a new easyJAMS Checking account and expires 60 days later. iTunes rewards are granted when the qualifications are met during the qualification cycle and expire 30 days later. Sign-up Bonus and iTunes rewards are credited to your account in a lump sum at the end of the qualification cycle in which you purchase downloads at the iTunes Store with your First Bank & Trust Visa® Debit card. In order to receive the full Sign-Up Bonus and monthly iTunes rewards, you must have enough money in your account to make these purchases. ATM fee refunds are also credited to your account at the end of the qualification cycle. If you do not meet the qualifications, iTunes rewards will not be granted, and you will not receive ATM fee refunds for that cycle. easyJAMS Checking is only available to residents of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota; limit one account per primary account holder.
2Ask your account representative for information and fees on the programs available.

3We do not charge a fee for Online Banking or Mobile Banking. However, we do charge a fee for Mobile Deposit: $0.50 per check for deposits utilizing the Mobile App and $0.50 per deposit for deposits utilizing a flatbed scanner.
4Your $5 iTunes® rewards expire 30 days from the end of the statement cycle in which they were earned. You will receive an email confirming your awards availability and the expiration date.
5Other fees may apply based on account activity and other services requested, including paper statement fees, account research assistance, replacement card fees, NSF returned item fees, overdraft fees and stop payment fees. Please review the detailed fee schedule provided during account opening before using your account.