Digital Banking

COMING SOON: A New Digital Banking Experience!

Clean. Simple. More Secure.

A new Digital Banking experience is COMING SOON! Online and Mobile Banking are getting an upgrade to include enhanced security, consistent functionality across all devices, ways to simplify the management of your accounts, options for customizing how you view your accounts, and more.

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With our new technology, you’ll enjoy the ability to:

  • Set up balance and transaction alerts
  • Send and receive secure messages about your accounts
  • Connect and view your accounts at other participating financial institutions
  • Make external transfers
  • Build a longer history of transactions and statements
  • Better protect your accounts with enhanced security via two-factor authentication
  • Continue to use popular features like Bill Pay and P2P (Payments), Mobile Deposit, Online Statements (Documents), and more!

What You Need to Know

Desktop Users

If you’re a frequent desktop user, please be aware that Internet Explorer has been replaced by Microsoft Edge. Explorer no longer supports the minimum-security measures required to keep your data safe. To ensure the best experience possible on desktops, download the latest version of one of these browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

Logging In

When the new system goes live, simply log in using your existing username (online banking ID) and password.

Enhanced Security

One of the great new features of Digital Banking is enhanced security called two-factor authentication. You might already be familiar with this!

During your first login, you will be asked to secure your account by entering the phone number and email address you want to be tied to your account. If you log in on a mobile device, you’ll also be asked to choose a 4-digit passcode, and if your phone is capable, you can set up fingerprint or facial recognition. Be sure to remember your 4-digit passcode, as you will need it each time you log in if you don’t have fingerprint or facial recognition.

We know you might have more questions when the update is complete, and we’re here to help! For now, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more.