ID TheftSmart Tier 2

Tier 2 – Monitoring, Consulation & Restoration

ID TheftSmart Tier 2 gives you all the services mentioned in Tier 1 with more protection up front, by monitoring a single bureau report and alerting you of activity on your credit history. Tier 2 has the following benefits:

  • Includes all services from Tier 1
  • Notifies the consumer when activity is detected in their credit file. This includes activity such as new account opening, credit inquiries, payment delinquency, public record changes and change of address.
  • Consumer is alerted either online electronically on a daily basis or offline through traditional postal delivery on a monthly basis if ACTIVITY IS DETECTED.
  • Consumer is notified either online electronically on a monthly basis or offline through traditional postal delivery on a quarterly basis if NO ACTIVITY HAS BEEN DETECTED.

ID TheftSmart Tier 2: $5/month

Get ID TheftSmart to help PROTECT, DETECT and RESTORE your personal identity. Contact us today to sign up, or learn about Tier 3 now! After signing up with a banker, be sure to follow these Tier 2 online instructions to fully enroll.

ATTENTION: If you need assistance with any of this information or suspect you are a victim of identity theft, please call 855.848.8803 and you will be instructed how to contact investigators.