Automatic Fund Transfers

Automatic Peace of Mind

Free Automatic Transfers let you move money from one account to another, automatically. The options are almost limitless and easy to adjust as needed. Once it's set up you won't have to worry about your money being in the right place at the right time ever again.

Automatic Funds Transfer

You can transfer funds between any of your First Bank & Trust personal checking or savings accounts. Schedule one-time transfers, or set up a transfer to happen on a regular basis at the time intervals you choose.  Learn more about how to setup an automatic fund transfer.

Automatic Transfer Sweep

Protect yourself from overdrafts. With automatic transfer sweep, if your checking account balance ever drops below zero, we will automatically transfer funds from your designated savings account. Sweeps are available for individuals, businesses operating as sole proprietorships, and non-profit organizations.

Direct Deposit

Most employers give the option for you to have your paycheck directly deposited into your bank account. With direct deposit, your money will be in your checking or savings account on the same day you are paid – saving you time!