Online Bill Pay

A Better Way to Pay Your Bills

Paying your bills online is now easier than ever! You can make payments to businesses and individuals, track payments, and manage your bills all in one place.

With Online Bill Pay from First Bank & Trust, you can:

  • Clearly see whether your payment is being sent electronically or by check
  • Send money using Person-to-Person payments (P2P)
  • Manage your monthly bills from companies using eBills
  • Schedule your account to automatically pay certain bills
  • Set email or text message alerts to remind you of a bill’s due date

Person-to-Person Payments:

Person-to-Person payments (P2P) make it fast and easy to pay another individual directly. All you need to get started is his/her email address. Once you have an account created for a person, you can quickly send that person money whenever you need to. P2P is especially useful for sending money to people you pay regularly – like the babysitter or your child at college.


Use eBill to automatically pull your monthly bill from a company directly into your online Bill Pay. The service is available only from certain companies – look for the “eBill” symbol next to the payee. Using eBills, you can also schedule your account to automatically pay a bill’s full amount due, minimum amount due, or a specified amount each month. All your bills from that particular company can be filed for recordkeeping within your Bill Pay – saving you time!

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Online Bill Pay is a free service available to First Bank & Trust customers who use Online Banking. If you have Online Banking and would like to enroll in Bill Pay, simply login to your Online Banking account, click on the “Bill Pay” tab, and follow the instructions to enroll.

If you do not currently have Online Banking but would like to use Online Bill Pay, please visit our Online Banking page to enroll.

Payments FAQs
  • What is Payments?

      Payments is an online service that allows you to pay almost any individual or company through your Digital Banking account. You determine whom you want to pay, when you want to make the payment, and which checking account you want the payment to come from. It's safe, secure, and easy to use.

  • Who can I pay with Payments?

      You can pay almost any business or individual with a mailing address within the United States and Puerto Rico. For example, you can pay utilities, cable bills, credit cards, or individuals such as a landlord, babysitter, or relative.

  • How are online payments delivered?

      Payments are sent either electronically or by paper check, depending on the method accepted by the person or company receiving the payment. The majority of payments are delivered electronically, which is the faster method. Your payment information, such as your account number, is sent via secure transmission. Payments made by paper check are mailed via the U.S. Postal Service.

  • Is Payments secure?

      Paying bills online is one of the safest ways to pay your bills. Using Payments helps prevent identity theft caused by lost or stolen checkbooks, bills, and statements. It also increases your privacy because your account information, account numbers, and payment history can be accessed only within your private Digital Banking account. With real time access to your payment activity, you maintain tighter control of your bank account.

  • How long does it take before my payment is received?

      Generally, your payment is delivered to and processed by the payee within 2-3 business days if sent electronically, or 7-10 business days if sent via paper check.

  • How are the scheduled payments processed with Payments?

      Most scheduled payments are sent electronically and funds are withdrawn from your account on the day we send the payment. If a payee does not accept electronic payments, the payment will be sent via paper check.

  • Can I edit a payee address?

      Yes. To edit payee information, select the payee’s name. From the payee details screen, select the ‘edit’ link.

  • How late in the day can I edit or delete a payment?

      Generally, you may edit or delete a scheduled payment before 2:00 pm Central Time on the day of the payment date by changing the information within Payments or by calling us at 800.843.1552. Certain exceptions apply, so please contact us if you are unable to cancel a payment.

  • When will the money be taken out of my account?

      For an electronic payment, funds are debited from your account the day that you select the payment to send. In order to send an electronic payment on the same day, the payment must be submitted prior to 2:00 pm Central Time.

      Check payment funds are debited from your account when the check clears the account.

  • What if I do not have enough money in my account?

      We will treat Payments check items just like any other check you write. Overdraft fees and return check fees may be applicable. Electronic payments are verified for funds availability. If your account has insufficient funds, the payment will be cancelled.

  • What is the cut-off time for payments?

      Payments need to be entered by 2:00 pm Central Time in order to be processed that business day. Payments entered after 2:00 pm will be processed the following business day.

  • How far in advance should I set up a payment to ensure that it is paid on time?

      Electronic payments should be scheduled 3 business days in advance of when the payment is due. Electronic payments may be delivered as quickly as 1 day, but that does not guarantee that the payee will process the payment and credit your account on that same day. 

      Check payments should be scheduled 7-10 business days in advance of when the payment is due.

  • How do I know if the payment will be sent by check or electronically?

      ‘Check’ or ‘Electronic’ will be displayed under the payee name on the payments tab.

  • How far in advance can I enter a payment?

      A recurring scheduled payment can be set up in advance to any date in the future. A one-time payment can be set up to be sent 5 years in the future.

eBills FAQs
  • What is eBill?

      eBill is a feature that allows you to receive and pay electronic summary versions of paper bills directly through Payments.

  • How do eBills work?

      eBills are delivered directly to your online Payments account. Once you arrange for electronic billing with a particular company, an eBill comes directly from that payee to your account. Examples of businesses that offer eBills include cable service providers, phone service providers, utility providers, and credit card companies.

  • Will I still receive paper statements when I have eBill?

      Please check with each payee, as billing practices can vary from business to business.

  • How will I know if eBill is available for a payee?

      If your payee is eligible for eBill, you will see a "Setup eBill" link next to their listing on your dashboard.

  • What are the primary benefits of eBill?

      With eBill, everything you need is in one convenient location. Using eBill allows you to streamline your bill paying routine and have online access to your bills. That means you won't have to keep track of paper bills. In addition, you can view past bill summaries at a glance.

  • What information is included in an eBill?

      Balance due, due date, and minimum payment amount are included in your eBill. If you need additional details, there will be a link that lets you login to your account on your payee's website, or you can check your paper statement.

  • How do I pay an eBill?

      To pay an eBill, simply choose the account you want to pay from, enter the amount you want to pay, and schedule when you want the payment to be processed.

  • How do I know when I have received an eBill?

      You can sign up to receive an electronic notice to alert you when an eBill has been delivered to your account. You can receive these notices in the form of emails or text alerts to provide an extra reminder when a payment is due.