Free Auto Transfer

Dispense With the Dreary Routine

The days of manually making routine, recurring transfers among your accounts are over. Now you can use free Automatic Transfers to move money from one account to another automatically, according to whatever schedule you want. The options are almost limitless and easy to adjust as needed. Best of all, once it's set up you won't have to worry about your money being in the right place at the right time ever again.

Automatic Funds Transfer

  • Allows you to set up prearranged account transfers on First Bank & Trust accounts only
  • Transfer from: Savings to Savings, Checking to Checking, Checking to Savings or Savings to Checking

Free Automatic Transfer Sweep

  • Provides protection from overdrafts
  • Transfers are made from savings or money market deposit accounts whenever your checking account balance goes into the negative
  • Available for individuals, businesses operating as sole proprietorships and non-profit organizations

Free Direct Deposit

  • Save time by reducing trips to the bank
  • Money is deposited to a checking or savings account the same day

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