Setting Up P2P Payments

The Person-to-Person payments feature within Online Bill Pay is the easy way to pay another individual directly. It is a great tool for sending money to people you pay regularly – like the babysitter, your son at college, or that friend you have lunch with every week.

The first time you pay a particular individual you will need to create an account for them. You’ll select whether you want to mail them a check, or pay them electronically. Once the person is set up in your Bill Pay, future payments to him or her will be fast and easy!

Online Bill Pay will guide you through the set up process with step-by-step instructions. To get a sense for how it works, here is a summary of the process for setting up P2P payments using a person’s email address:

  • Login to Online Banking and go to the Bill Pay tab.
  • Within the Payments section, click the button to “Add a Payee.” Next select “Pay an individual.” 
  • Choose the first option to allow the person to provide their bank account information.

  • Follow the steps to enter the payee’s name, email, and create a keyword for him/her.

  • Communicate with the payee to give them their keyword.