Switching For Good Details

What if funding projects in your community were as EASY as switching banks?

For a limited time, First Bank & Trust is welcoming new consumer checking customers by making a $200 donation to one of many non-profit organizations. You simply choose the organization and complete the following qualifying requirements from your new checking account within the first 60 days (see list below). This offer is for new checking relationships only and cannot be combined with other offers.*

Qualifying Requirements:

  • Complete 10 debit card transactions
  • Establish Online Statements OR establish an ongoing direct deposit/electronic payment

Personal Checking Accounts:


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I am already a checking account customer. Can I qualify for this promotion?
    • Unfortunately, the $200 donation is for new checking customers only; however, if you complete a “checkup” on your account to confirm receipt of Online Statements and to update all of your contact information, we can make a $50 donation to the organization of your choice (from our list).
  • I want to open an account for my family members. Will you make a donation for each of them?
    • We will make only one $200 donation per household.
  • I don’t see the organization I like to support on your list. Can you make an exception?
    • Unfortunately we’ve already selected the organizations that can receive funding for this round of the campaign. However, we welcome recommendations for future campaigns! Our retail bankers can provide you with a recommendation card for you to submit your suggested organization. 
  • How will I know the organization received the donation?
    • You will receive a card in the mail once your qualifications have been met and our donation is paid to the organization.
  • Can I receive tax benefits from this donation?
    • No. The donation will be paid to the organization by First Bank & Trust; therefore, it will not be tax deductible, nor will you receive a receipt.
  • Would you just be making these donations anyway (for the tax benefit)?
    • Our organization donates more that $1 million each year to projects and organizations in our community through local bank donations and the Fishback Financial Corporation Community Fund, consistently exceeding the donations needed to meet our CRA requirements. Donations made through this promotion are in addition to those donations.
  • How did you choose these particular organizations to benefit from the donations?
    • First Bank & Trust and the Fishback Financial Corporation Community Fund identified six categories that this campaign will benefit and partnered with organizations that fill those needs in various communities we serve in eastern South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota. 
  • How long do I have to establish my direct deposit, Online Statements and debit transactions?
    • You will have 60 days from the date you open your account to fulfill the requirements, which will prompt the $200 donation.
  • My employer doesn’t offer direct deposit. Can I still qualify?
    • No problem. Simply establish an automatic electronic payment from your checking account – such as an auto loan or utilities payment, for example.
  • How soon after I complete my qualifications will the non-profit organization receive the $200 donation?
    • Donations will be generated by First Bank & Trust within 14 days of met qualifications on applicable accounts. First Bank & Trust will then tally all donations earned and make one lump monthly donation to each organization.
  • I see some non-profits listed, like Boys & Girls Club, that serve many different communities in the region. Can my donation go to the one in my community?
    • Yes. For organizations like Relay For Life, Boys & Girls Club, Girls on the Run, Habitat for Humanity, and others that have programs in multiple communities, we will designate your donation to the one closest to the bank where you opened your account.
  • I am so excited about this promotion and my donation. Can I offer a testimonial?
    • Yes, please! We’d love to pass your name on to our Marketing team, who may post on social media about the donations and the good they are doing in our communities. We can have them contact you to discuss your involvement.
  • I’m not interested in donating to a charity. Can I just have the cash?
    • No. The goal of this promotion is to support our communities and to give you the ability to designate a donation through First Bank & Trust. If you prefer not to select an organization, just let your banker know.
  • Can I split my $200 donation among multiple organizations?
    • No, but we understand it’s a hard decision because they are all such great organizations! In an effort to streamline the process, though, as well as to make each donation as meaningful as possible to our partnering organizations, we are limiting each new customer’s $200 donation to one organization.

* New personal checking customers only; cannot be combined with other offers. One $200 donation per household issued to a non-profit chosen from our list of 30 eligible organizations; donation completed when the following requirements are met within 60 days of account opening: 10 debit card transactions and EITHER direct deposit / automatic payment established, OR online statement selection completed. Donation generated by First Bank & Trust within 14 days of met qualifications on applicable accounts. Applies to the following personal checking accounts only: Free Checking, easyGROW Checking, Interest Checking, Premium Checking, First Class Club Checking, and Private Checking. Accounts must be opened by 6-30-18 to qualify, with requirements met by 8-30-18. Ask a First Bank & Trust Personal Banker for details, or visit switchingforgood.com for more information.