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Spend More Time on Your Business, Less Time Banking

Speed, convenience, and security make our Cash Management service stand out from the rest. Access real-time account information, transfer funds, save on paperwork, and more whenever and wherever you need it. With Big Picture Banking, you'll spend less time banking and more time with your customers. Providing steadfast security measures, confidently manage your accounts electronically, without worry or hassle.

Business Digital Banking

Administration Menu
  • Multiple-user capability with access rights for individual users and separate duties for control purposes

Access Account Information
  • Check balances and transactions
  • View and download a long history of statements
  • View images of checks
  • Set and view balance and transaction alerts
  • Initiate stop payments
  • Send and receive secure messages
  • Connect and view your accounts at other participating financial institutions
  • Find branch and ATM locations
  • Lock and unlock an Authorized Administrator debit card instantly

Transfer Funds
  • Make internal transfers
  • Make payments on loan accounts from internal bank accounts; specify as regular, principal- or interest-only payments
  • Set one-time transfers immediately or at any time in the future
  • Schedule recurring transfers weekly, semi-monthly or monthly

Download Account Information
  • Download transaction and balance information into financial management software (such as Quicken®, Quick Books® or Microsoft® Money), a document or a spreadsheet

Cash Management Services

ACH Origination1
  • Direct deposit for payroll, or collect donations, membership dues, rent or any other payable or receivable
  • Originate transactions to any bank in the United States

Wire Transfers1
  • Initiate foreign and domestic wire transfers and reduce wire fees by initiating through Cash Management

Positive Pay1
  • Manage your issued checks by systematically matching checks presented for payment against the list of checks issued and then returning any unauthorized checks presented for payment

ACH Block
  • Protect accounts from unauthorized or fraudulent ACH entries by returning entries before they post to your account
  • ACH Filter
  • Gives you the flexibility to authorize single, multiple or recurring ACH debits and credits
  • Choose from multiple filtering criteria, including the amount of any ACH transaction, the name of the originating company or company ID number

Business Bill Pay
  • Pay your bills online, saving you time and postage

Cash Management FAQ

Two-factor authentication adds another layer of protection to your accounts. The first time you log in you’ll be asked to secure your account with an email address and cell phone number. A unique code will then be generated and sent to you via text, and you’ll use that code to gain access to your accounts. First Bank & Trust will remember what device you use, so if you check the “don’t ask for codes again on this computer” box during login, and always use the same device, you’ll only need to enter the code once. If you log in using a different device you’ll be sent a new code to verify that you are who you say you are.
During the login procedure, your code will be sent by text to the phone number you specified. If your phone doesn’t accept texts, you can choose a different option (such as a voice phone call). (Note: Authentication codes cannot be received via email.)
To have the best experience, use the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. (Internet Explorer is not recommended, as it no longer supports the minimum security measures required to keep your data safe.)
Click any account name and select “Documents.” Next, choose the account statement you want to view. Up to 18 months of statements will be available.
Initially, you’ll have access to up to 120 days of transaction history for all account types. Your history will build as more transactions accrue.
By going to “Cash Manager” via the “Business” tab, you can submit an ACH or Wire the same way you do today. You can also submit an ACH or Wire under the “Business” option. Simply select “Approve ACH” or “Approve Wire."
Select “Cash Manager” via the “Business” tab. This will bring you to the additional Cash Manager products that you’re used to today.
Click “Cash Manager” via the “Business” tab.
Remote Deposit is under “Cash Manager” via the “Business” tab.
You will be able to see transactions and pay all or part of your balance just like before.
Yes. You can easily initiate secure messages and send from several places within the Digital Banking platform. To review past messages, simply click on “messages” from the dashboard or menu.

1Fees may be associated with this feature.