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HELOC Promotion


You decide what to do with it.

Plus, have up to the first $250 in fees waived.*
Quick decisions, flexible payment options, and an introductory rate for the first six months. What could be easier than that? Stop by to apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit today.
*Lines up to, and including, $200,000 limits qualify. Promotional annual percentage rate subject to credit qualifications and approval. Non-promotional annual percentage rate (APR) is variable based upon the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate (WSJPR) of 8.50% as of April 18, 2024, plus a margin of .85% with a .10% discount with auto payments from a First Bank & Trust checking account. Introductory rate applied through the first 6 months of approved line of credit; at the end of the promotional period, the rate will be equal to WSJPR plus margin. The margin depends on your credit qualifications and loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. The maximum APR will not exceed 21.75% APR. Fees to open the Home Equity Line of Credit typically range from $150 to $1,581.65, or more. Up to $250 of fees will be waived. Internal refinances must include minimum increase of $10,000, and cannot exceed $200,000 to qualify. Other terms and conditions may apply. Property insurance required. Limited time offer. Consult your tax advisor on the deductibility of interest. Contact bank for additional details.