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You have to have credit to get credit. If you don’t already have an established credit history, this might feel like a cruel trick. How can you obtain credit in the first place? 
Young people, in particular, often find themselves in this situation. Regardless of your age though, if you want to borrow money but do not have a credit history, there are a few options you can pursue in order to begin establishing credit.
  1. Get a credit card through the bank where you have your checking account. Your bank will have record of your financial history. This may help you get approved.
  2. Get a secured loan or credit card. This means you’ll use funds from your bank account as collateral.
  3. Consider finding a co-signer. Someone with an established credit history can co-sign on your loan or credit card application. Many college students use this route to secure student loans, and it can be a good way to begin building a credit history.
Establishing a credit history takes time. The steps you take today to build your history can provide a solid base for good credit scores in the future.