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Image Guidelines

First Bank & Trust will determine in its sole discretion whether to allow or reject an Image. In general, the following types of images will not be allowed:
  1. Trademarks, logos, slogans, company names, copyrighted material, or brands of any third party
  2. Advertising or promotional materials, or branded products
  3. Celebrities, actors, musicians, professional athletes, or cartoons
  4. Phone numbers, addresses, URL addresses, or account or PIN numbers
  5. Provocative, sexual, violent, or other offensive content
  6. Nudity or semi-nudity
  7. Profanity or obscenities
  8. Alcohol, tobacco, or firearms
  9. Images depicting illegal or anti-social behavior
  10. Culturally insensitive images
  11. Images depicting the opinions of beliefs of political, religious, or socially unacceptable groups
  12. Images that may interfere with security features of the card
All images must have the consent of the owner including those images downloaded from the internet. This list is not exclusive, and First Bank & Trust retains the right to decide that any submitted image is not to be used. Images that do NOT meet the guidelines will be rejected and you will be notified by email. You may then submit another image.

Upload Guidelines

  • Image files can be in either .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG, .TIFF or .BMP formats
  • The maximum file size is 10 megabytes (Mb)
  • Images must be at least 840 x 840 pixels
  • Small images will reproduce poorly when printed
  • As you increase the scale of your image too much, it may also print poorly
  • The bigger the image you choose, the longer it will take to upload
  • The time your image takes to upload depends on your own internet connection speed
  • Should your image be slow to upload, please talk to your own internet access provider for help