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Digital Banking gives you the power to lock your debit card with just a few clicks on your phone or desktop. You can lock your card ("suspend") and unlock ("activate") it again - it works instantly. Turning your card off when you know you won’t be using it for a while is a great way to help protect yourself against fraud.

So, how might you want to use this feature? Here are a few examples:
  • You will be traveling for business all week. You know that all your expenses will go on your corporate card. So, you choose to lock your personal debit card while you are gone.
  • You are planning a weekend getaway and intend to use your credit card exclusively. You choose to lock your debit card before you leave on Friday, and activate it when you return Sunday.
  • You have momentarily misplaced your debit card. You are reasonably confident it is somewhere in your house/car/etc. but have not found it yet. You lock your card while you search for it, as a precaution. Then, if you locate your card you can unlock it immediately. Or, if you cannot locate it, you can take the next step of filing a lost/stolen card report.

Simple Instructions:

If you’d like to try out this functionality, you first need to be enrolled in Digital Banking. Once logged in, scroll down to "Card Management," locate the card you want to lock, then touch the green slider to lock. Touch it again to re-activate. If you have a new card that you need to activate, select that card, then select "Activate new card."

If “Card Management” is not visible in your dashboard, scroll to the bottom and select “Organize Dashboard." Next, select the “+” in the top right, select “+Add” under Card Management, then select “Done” in the top left.