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Starting on August 28, 2023, if you currently use a third-party account aggregation tool to connect to your First Bank & Trust account(s), you may no longer be able to link your First Bank & Trust Digital Banking account(s) to some third-party applications or programs. This could mean an interruption in your service with that third-party application or program.

To enhance your account security and protect it from a wide range of fraud and security risks that arise from passwords shared with third parties, effective August 28, 2023, you may no longer be able to link your First Bank & Trust Digital Banking account to some third-party applications or programs, which could mean an interruption in your service with those third-party applications or programs.
Screen scraping is an automated process that uses bots, web crawlers, and other proprietary tools to log in to websites on behalf of accountholders using their passwords and credentials. In addition to being a slow and unreliable means of data extraction, screen scraping makes it difficult for financial institutions to distinguish legitimate log-in attempts from fraudulent ones, leaving systems vulnerable to credential-stuffing attacks and other cyber threats that continue to plague the industry at large.
Some third-party applications and programs store your account username and password using a method called screen scraping to display your most up-to-date account information within the platform. This is an unsecure, outdated technology practice and will no longer be supported by First Bank & Trust.
As an alternative, you can use the Spending Habits tool within Digital Banking and connect your external accounts for a holistic view of your financial health.

First Bank & Trust has implemented an open-API aggregation, which allows you to specify, minimize, and fully control your data and how it's shared with third-party providers—including the ability to grant or revoke data permissions within Digital Banking.

We recommend reaching out to the third-party application or program you use to alert them of the issue you are experiencing.