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How Your easyGROW Account Qualifies

Qualifying for interest1 and ATM fee refunds is easy. Just meet three simple requirements each month.

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  1. Make 10 purchases with our Visa® Debit card. (ATM transactions not included. Purchases must be posted, not pending.)
  2. Ensure one (1) posted Direct Deposit or Automatic Payment occurs from your account.
  3. Enroll in electronic statements.
If you don't meet all three qualifications in any given qualification cycle, no problem. Your account is still free and you'll earn an interest rate of 0.01% APY on your entire balance that cycle.

Simply meet the qualifications the following qualification cycle and you’re back to earning premium interest and having automatic refunds on ATM transaction fees worldwide.

Why It Works

By conducting more electronic transactions, you become one of our most cost-efficient customers. That makes it easy for us to pass the savings on to you in the form of higher interest.

Need paper checks? No problem. We can do that, too. As long as you make at least ten (10) purchases with your Visa® Debit card (as part of our three qualifications each cycle1), you’ll still earn 1.25% APY1.

1Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for an easyGROW Checking account is accurate as of 10/25/23 and is subject to change. This is not a teaser rate. Minimum deposit to open is $100. For qualifying accounts, 1.25% APY will be paid on the portion of your balance up to and including $24,999.99. The APY for the portion of your balance $25,000 and above will range from 1.25% to 0.39% depending on the balance in the account. The high and low APY range is calculated based on balances of $25,000 and $100,000. View the qualification cycle here. If you do not meet the requirements during the qualification cycle, 0.01% APY will be paid on your total balance for that statement cycle and you will not receive ATM fee refunds. Limit one account per primary account holder.