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  • Make ten (10) purchases with our Visa Debit card. (Purchases must be posted, not pending. ATM transactions excluded.)
  • Ensure one (1) posted Direct Deposit or Automatic Payment occurs from your account.
  • Enroll in Electronic Statements to receive your statements electronically. You can save them to your computer and view them whenever you like.
Your checking account is still free, and you can start over next cycle to earn the rewards. Interest will be paid at the base rate of 0.01% APY on your entire balance, and you will not receive ATM fee refunds in months when you do not meet the qualifications.
Interest is paid monthly and posted on the last day of the statement cycle. Unlimited ATM fees worldwide will be refunded to you at the end of your statement cycle.
You can log in to Digital Banking to review your account activity and confirm that you have met the account qualifications at any time.

On the last day of the statement cycle, you will receive an email stating whether or not you met the qualifications for that cycle.
 No. Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions to this. However, you will still earn 0.01% APY.
No. There are no monthly service fees on our easyGROW Checking accounts. Other fees may apply based on your account activity and other services you request. These fees may include paper statement fees, account research assistance, replacement card fees, NSF returned item fees, overdraft item fees and stop payment fees. We will provide you with a detailed fee schedule when we open your account. Please review it carefully before using your account.
The qualification cycle normally starts on the fourth Tuesday of every month and ends on the business day prior to the fourth Tuesday of the following month. View the qualification calendar.

Exception: If a federal holiday falls on the business day prior to the fourth Tuesday of the month, the qualification cycle will end on the business day prior to that federal holiday.
No, transfers between accounts held at First Bank & Trust do not qualify as a Direct Deposit or Automatic Payment.
No. Only POS (point-of-sale) transactions count, and they must be posted to, not just pending on, your easyGROW Checking account.
A settled transaction is one that has posted to your account. When you use your Visa Debit card, the merchant places a memo hold on your account in the amount of your purchase. It may take several days before the transaction posts or clears.
No. Anyone can apply for an easyGROW Checking account online, or in person at any First Bank & Trust location.
No. Each primary account holder may open only one easyGROW Checking account.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for an easyGROW Checking account is accurate as of 10/25/23 and is subject to change. This is not a teaser rate. Minimum deposit to open is $100. For qualifying accounts, 1.25% APY will be paid on the portion of your balance up to and including $24,999.99. The APY for the portion of your balance $25,000 and above will range from 1.25% to .39% depending on the balance in the account. The high and low APY range is calculated based on balances of $25,000 and $100,000. View the qualification cycle here. If you do not meet the requirements during the qualification cycle, 0.01% APY will be paid on your total balance for that statement cycle and you will not receive ATM fee refunds. Limit one account per primary account holder.